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Great Essays On Any Topic - How To?

It is quite common to have a hard time writing a convincing essay, and that happens for several reasons. Some students lack the skills required for proper research, while others don't know how to write different types of essays on different topics.

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Option 2: Writing Essays on Any Topic By Yourself

No matter what the topic is, some things will always remain the same. The outline of your essay will determine exactly how good your essay is going to be, and that's why you should pay enough time formulating an outline. Here's how to proceed.

1.Always start with an impressive introduction about your topic/thesis statement. In other words, you need to develop a conclusive hook in the first paragraph to ensure that your readers will keep on reading and go to the body paragraphs. Remember, you will have different body paragraphs in your essay; therefore, it's a good idea to write something that explains what different paragraphs are going to share with readers. In other words, you can mention sentences in the introductory paragraph that will lay the foundation of different body paragraphs.

2.In your first body paragraph, you should always try to mention the strongest piece of evidence. It is also a good idea to support the mini-thesis you created in the first paragraph with analysis and evidence. The next body paragraph should have evidence that supports the content in the last paragraph as well as the thesis as a whole. You should do the same with the third body paragraph.

3.The last paragraph is the place where you will have to conclude and explain how your evidence has managed to support your thesis statement. Here, you will again have to state your hook or meta-theme and write your thesis statement once more. Then, you have to summarize each paragraph – writing one sentence to summarize each paragraph is enough. The very last sentence of your essay should share a general statement explaining human nature to add some sentimental value to your essay.